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Error: NuGet Package Manager 2.8.50126.400 or later is required

 For Visual studio 2013, when I try to create a new project either for Kendo UI ASP .NET MVC 5 Application or for Telerik ASP .Net MVC Application, I get this error message "NuGet Package Manager 2.8.50126.400 or later required".


NuGet Package Manager 2.8.50126.400 or later is required


Download and Install the latest NuGet Package manager for visual studio 2013 from here 

Error : "Thread was being Aborted" Response.Redirect() and Server.Redirect () not working in code behind C#

Error : "Thread was being Aborted"

InnerException : null

Message : Thread was being aborted"

Source : Unable to evaluate expression because the code is optimised or a native frame is on top of the call

Stack trace :  at System.Threading.Thread.AbortInternal()
   at System.Threading.Thread.Abort(Object stateInfo)
   at **.Response.Page_Load(Object sender, EventArgs e) in C:\Users\**\documents\visual studio 2015\Projects\**\**\Response.aspx.cs:line 87

try {
catch (Exception ex){


Response.Redirect Method[^] when called with just one parameter would throw ThreadAbortException. You should pass false as the second parameter and then complete the request. Quoting from the link mentioned above:

MSDN HttpResponse.Redirect Method :
When you use this method in a page handler to terminate a request for one page and start a new request for another page, set endResponse to false and then call the CompleteRequest method. If you specify true for the endResponse parameter, this method calls the End method for the original request, which throws a ThreadAbortException exception when it completes. This exception has a detrimental effect on Web application performance, which is why passing false for the endResponse parameter is recommended

try {
catch (Exception ex){

Hope it helps !!

Happy Coding 😊