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Entity for Views in CRM based on View Ownership - SavedQuery and UserQuery Entity

There are 2 types of View in CRM entity based on View Ownership , which are stored in two different entities.

1)  Organisation or System View - stored in the View Entity (SavedQuery)
2)  Individual, personal or User/Team View - stored in the Saved View Entity (UserQuery)

Below is the Fetch XML that you can use to retrieve the Data of the entites

1)  Organisation or System View
<fetch top="5000" >
  <entity name="savedquery" >
    <attribute name="name" alias="ViewName" />
    <attribute name="createdbyname" alias="Owner" />
    <attribute name="description" alias="Description" />
    <attribute name="returnedtypecode" alias="returnCode" />
    <attribute name="fetchxml" alias="fetchXML" />

2)  Individual, personal or User/Team View
<fetch top="5000" >
  <entity name="userquery" >
    <attribute name="name" />
    <order attribute="name" descending="false" />
    <attribute name="ownerid" />
    <attribute name="modifiedon" />
    <attribute name="userqueryid" />

We can retrieve the data of these entries by C# also you can see the full code example here:

You can also use LINQ query for retrieving these view.

Happy CRMing 😊

How to update Home Banner Image in Dynamics Portal D365

To update the banner image of portal just follow the below steps

Step 1  Go to D365 CRM - Portals - Web Files 

Step 2  Search for "homehero.jpg" and open the resulted record

Step 3  Go to the notes section and replace the attachment named homehero.jpg with your jpg image

Note : Make sure the name of the update attachment is same i.e. "homehero.jpg"

Refresh your portal and you will see the updated banner

Happy CRMing 😊


CRM Rest Builder for Dynamics CRM D365 / MSCRM 2013, 2015, 2016

Navigate to the below URL and Download the latest version of the solution of CRM Rest Builder

For 2015 & 2016 & D365 use the v2.5.0.0 release
For 2011 & 2013 use the v1.5.0.0 release

1) CRM Rest Builder GIT Hub URL
2) CRM Rest Builder Drive  v2.5.0.0 , v1.5.0.0

And follow the below steps

Step 1 - Navigate to your Organisation Settings -> Solutions and click on Import Button

Step 2 - Click on to Browse Button

Step 3 - Navigate to the solution file previously downloaded and click on open and then click on Next

Step 4 - Click on to Import Button

Step 5 - After some time you will see the below success message

Step 6 - Now you will be able to see the CRM Rest Builder Button on the ribbon bar on solutions Click on it

And You are good to go with CRM Rest Builder

Happy CRMing 😊