Not able to login Plugin registration tool (Keep popping up for Credentials)


1. Update latest SDK from the Download tools from NuGet or Quick start Plugin Registration Tool V9.0.0.7

For downloading the latest PRT from VS Nuget packages - this link might be useful

2. Modify using TSL to 1.2 through Fiddler .

Step 1 Open Fiddler and navigate to Tools - Options - HTTPS Tab

Step 2 Under HTTPS tab click on to Protocols link - a Popup will come change the TLS vesion from 1.0 / 1.1 to tls 1.2.  i.e. " <client>;ssl3;tls1.2 " and press on ok

Now you will be able to connect to your CRM v9 Organisation with PRT

Happy CRMing 😊

SOURCE : mscrm.com