There are 2 types of View in CRM entity based on View Ownership , which are stored in two different entities.

1)  Organisation or System View - stored in the View Entity (SavedQuery)
2)  Individual, personal or User/Team View - stored in the Saved View Entity (UserQuery)

Below is the Fetch XML that you can use to retrieve the Data of the entites

1)  Organisation or System View
<fetch top="5000" >
  <entity name="savedquery" >
    <attribute name="name" alias="ViewName" />
    <attribute name="createdbyname" alias="Owner" />
    <attribute name="description" alias="Description" />
    <attribute name="returnedtypecode" alias="returnCode" />
    <attribute name="fetchxml" alias="fetchXML" />

2)  Individual, personal or User/Team View
<fetch top="5000" >
  <entity name="userquery" >
    <attribute name="name" />
    <order attribute="name" descending="false" />
    <attribute name="ownerid" />
    <attribute name="modifiedon" />
    <attribute name="userqueryid" />

We can retrieve the data of these entries by C# also you can see the full code example here:

You can also use LINQ query for retrieving these view.

Happy CRMing 😊