Providing exceptional customer experience is the new competitive advantage. CaféX Live Assist™ for Microsoft Dynamics 365 enables personalised, omnichannel customer engagement that will delight your customers and improve your agents' productivity.
Hosted in the Azure cloud, the combined solution embeds real-time customer interaction within the Unified Service Desk and web clients for Dynamics 365. The immersive solution extends in-app live assistance to customers, who can interact with service representatives via text, co-browsing, bot escalation and more.
With CaféX Live Assist and Dynamics 365 tightly integrated, you can:
o   Proactively engage with chat
o   Problem solve faster with co-browse and bots
o   Ensure a 360-degree view throughout customers' journeys
o   Reduce operating costs and increase online sales
o   Deliver best-in-class digital experiences based on customers' unique preferences including mobile and web channels.


The prerequisites for  link Live Assist to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement  include:
o   An instance of Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement (Online)
    • You can request a trial of Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement here

Setting Up Live Assist for Microsoft Dynamics 365

Step 1 - Validate / Promote your Current User to Admin 
1) Login into Your Microsoft D365 Account and navigate to Security Under Settings

2) Go to Users 

3) Select your current user and click on the ribbon button to Promote To Admin 

4) Click on OK 

Step 2 - Configure Live Assist for Dynamics 365

Navigate to Settings and then click on Dynamics Marketplace  

A popup will open type live in search box and you will see the below screen click on Free trial  

Validate the information and click on continue button by accepting the terms and condition

Select your organisation and press on Agree button to agree Microsoft Legal stuff 

On setup Live assist page validate the Dynamics 365 Instance page, enter your email address , accept cafex terms and condition and press on Submit

This configures the Live Assist on the specified Dynamics 365 Instance and also sends the email to the email id specified.

Step 3 - Login into Live assist Admin Center

After some time you will get an email confirmation on your provide email address once your live assist environment is configured 

Press on to login Button 

Enter and validate the details and Click on Confirm and Authorise

Click on Accept Button 

Select with the option for I wish to Begin my trial

Now you will be redirected to your Dashboard of the admin center.

Your are done with setting up Live Assist for Microsoft Dynamics 365

Click on to Get Started button to get started with Live assist

Happy CRMing 😊
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