Hey , I was importing a solution today from an other Organization and got a Error new to me :  Fields that are not valid were specified for the entity , as there was no description i was little confused , but after few R&D came up with perfect resolution of the error .


  • Organization "A" conatined attribute 'new_mscrm' that was of type "single line" ,Later  We changed that the field  to be an currency Type.
  • But in Organization "B" was containg same field 'new_mscrm' of type "Single line".
  • When we tried to import back the new solution to test environment we got this Import failure message as the solution we were importing was having a field 'new_mscrm' of type Currency


  • Just delete the field in the Organization in which you are importing the solution and reimport the same solution to it
Hope this helped you Thanks

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